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spike milligan

"All men are cremated equal"


Fly Tyer of the Month:

Trevor Jones .

Trevor Jones

Trevor is a lifelong fly fisherman and fly-tier.

I have passion for the old traditional values in angling, but, in my fly-tying never afraid to innovate and make use of readily available materials, natural or synthetic. Trevor is a regular fly-tier at many of the fly fairs throughout Europe.
Moreover, Trevor is available to arrange tuition in the art of fly dressing and also available for demonstrations.
Over a period of several years Trevor has represented Wales in Both European a Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships, and has been welsh Captain on one occasion.
As guide and coach he has guided/coached two international fly fishing teams South Africa and Australia.
“Calling Fly-Fishing a hobby is like calling Brain Surgery a job.”
 Paul Schullery
Fishing is not JUST about catching fish, it is much more important than that, respecting all living creatures and environments is the creed all Anglers should live by.

Many of you have heard of Kathryn Maroun, but you may not know Kathlyn fell ill with lyme disease, she didn't know if she was going to live, let alone go fishing again. Fortunately she survived and was able to go back out on the river. Kathryn is a star and produces a fantastic seriers of Angling films in beautiful  locations throughout the world.

This fly was tied in Kathryn’s honour, tied in the style, Irish shrimp Flies.

Click all pictures for full story.

The Lady Kathryn.



Hook: Partridge Salar Double.
Thread:                Red Nano Silk.
Tag: Flat Silver Lurex.
Tail: Golden Pheasant Neck. (Claret)
Body: Rear, copper wire. Front,
Claret Seal Fur with Copper Rib.
Middle Hackle:  Claret Cock.
Collar Hackle:     Grizzle Cock, dyed rusty red.
Cheeks: Jungle Cock.

The next fly fly was tied in memory of my Dad Arthur a lifelong fisherman, and mentor. He was our family “LEADER”,  hence the name Aga Kahn meaning leader.

Aga Kahn.

Aga Kahn


Hook: 8/10/12.
Thread: Black 10/0.
Tail: GP Topping.
Rib: Fine Copper Wire.
Body: Pale Gold Tinsel.
Body Hackle: Cerise Cock.
Collar Hackle: Purple Cock.
Wing: Peacock Swords.
Cheeks: Jungle Cock.

The Nebo Spider.

Nebo Spider

Click the pic for the video.


Hook: 8/10/12/14.
Thread: Black Nano Silk.
Body: Red Holographic Tinsel. (Varnish Over)
Hackle: Black.

Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney Todd


Hook: Longshank Partridge Streamer.
Thread: Black Nano Silk.
Body: Black Floss, with Ceris Floss Under Wing.
Rib: Silver Wire.
Throat Hackle: Crimson Cock/Hen tied false.
Wing: Black Squirrel or Bucktail.

Whisky Fly.

Whisky Fly


Hook: Longshank Partridge Streamer.
Thread:  Orange Nano Silk.
Body: Flat Silver.
Rib: Hot Orange FLoss.
Wing: Orange Squirrel or Bucktail.

Spider Fly.

Spider Fly

The Treacle Parkin.

Treacle Parkin

A really old favorite of mine for both Trout and Grayling.


Hook: U/eye or D/eye 14/16/18/20 .
Thread: Black Nano Silk.
Tail: Orange/Yellow wool or floss
Body: Peacock Herl (2).
Hackle: Red/Ginger Cock.

Blue Winged Olive Fogarty’s Frenchie .

Blue Winged Olive

Trevor messing about 24/01/20 before the BFFI show 8th & 9th Feb nice little Cruncher.


See Trevor at the BFFI in Feb on the Ahrex hooks stand , Thanks Trev.

Hywel Morgan & Trevor Jones.

A really good flyfishing course, it covers many aspects of game angling & fly dressing, not many courses give participants such a comprehensive itinerary, from small still water to the mighty river Dee. And everything in between.Click Here.

"My biggest worry is that when I am dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it!"


8th and 9th February 2020
9.30am – 4.30pm

The UK’s Premier Fly Fishing Show

Admission on the door
£12 – 1 Day or £20 – 2 Days


Alternatively call 01782 388382

All accompanied under 16s free entry

Highly recommended

Fly Tying Company

James is giving a 10% discount to Westlow Mere Anglers!

Family run business based on the Staffordshire / Cheshire Border
Located 3 miles off Jct 16, on the M6, and stock many of the major brands.

Sat-nav: ST7 8JQ

Thanks James.


Fly of the Month:

Westlow Mere.

Jack Vallis

Jacks snake.

John Elk Hair

John's Elk Hair doing very well.

Trout Dying To Get a Good Photo?


We all should know the rules for releasing a trout with the best chance of survival, but there is one rule that is almost never included in articles about a successful release.

Click Picture for link!

Barometric Pressure – A fishy myth or an untapped resource?


Very interesting More here.

Charles Hopkins with a 15lb 2oz cracker to win the Westlow shield match today.Well done Charles top angling showing the seniors how to do it!! 15/04/18

Charles Hopkins

Once again westlow mere 10 lb Friday and after two hours wasted Carsington waters back to westlow mere and this pig 15 lbs 8 oz 9 stunning fully find bows wot a top fisherie thanks to all off you. Eddie Guest. 30/03/2018

Eddie Guest

A cracking Tiger Trout for Chris Ector at Westlow Mere. Cris had 19 All good sized Trout.

Chris Ector

11lb 8oz for Brian bedrock at Westlow today 14/04/18


15lb rainbow for Mike Richardson at Westlow. 14/04/18


“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, you’re too busy.”
Buddy Ebsen

Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer Tying a Pheasant Tail Nymph 

Frank Sawyer catching Trout

Frank Sawyer catches Trout 

Tying Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug with Davie McPhail

Trout Taking a Mayfly Sawyer Nymphs.

MayflySatisfaction of catching a fish on your own fly.

There is something very satisfying about catching a fish on something that you made with your Imitationown two hands.

Click for youtube videos of flytying.



Westlow Catches.

Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.

Fantastic fishing Another big fish from Westlow 10lb 1oz


Big fish for Bob Marshall at Westlow today. 10lb 1oz 27/01/2018



17lb rainbow for John Shell part of a 14 fish haul including a 10 lb rainbow 14/04/18.

John Schell

Whatever your appetite in trout fishing there is something for you at Westlow, from specimen hunting to purist fly fishing.

18 acres of high quality gin clear water giving a stable environment with plentiful fly life producing hard fighting fish.

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

Isaac Asimov


The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. Isaac Asimov


Contact Westlowmere Web site here



"The solution to any problem -- work, love, money, whatever -- is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."
~John Gierach

Peder Wigdell

Lowrider step-by-step.

Peder Wigdell


Hi Jim
No relation to Malcolm, but had a good look at the web site looks fantastic, will be coming soon.
Clifford Greenhalgh

Hi Jim It was a pleasure to spend some time with you on Sunday. I've been using your dubbing today and will be trying the flies on Thursday.

John Walker

Great to see you at the North Wales Country Show. Learned a lot and had a very pleasurable experience all the Guides were going round discussing your demonstrations, well done.

John Mercer.

What a great web site loads of information I like the idea of you having a league table of Midlands fly fisheries. Keep up the good work not many fly fishing sites about that don't want to sell you something!

Jack Right.

The Original Westlow Mere Web Site.

TEL: 01260270012

Rod Average: 4.8 week ending: 21/02/2020

League fishing Match: 23rd February.


8th and 9th February 2020 9.30am – 4.30pm

The UK’s Premier Fly Fishing Show Admission on the door £12 – 1 Day or £20 – 2 Days, Take a look at the fly tier of the month; Trevor Jones, and see and Chat to him at the BFFI. Fly Tying Company

James will be there from The Fly Tying Company Family run business based on the Staffordshire / Cheshire Border Located 3 miles off Jct 16, on the M6, and stocks many of the major brands. (Highly recommended)


A must for everyone, drop in to see Steve at Cookshill another recommended supplier of high quality tying materials. Moreover, without Steve and friends we would not have this world class show.



AT TEFF Bank Qualifier 2nd February 2020 at Westlow Mere, Cheshire 

Cheshire's Westlow Mere Trout Fishery hosted the ninth AT TEFF Bank Qualifier on Sunday 2nd February. 10 anglers competed for six places in the southern final at Elinor in March. The shallows at Westlow were used for the match and the gin-clear water this venue is known for tested the skills of those competing. The fishing was not easy and by lunch six anglers had caught. By the final whistle 20 fish were netted with many more lost to give a rod average of two fish per angler.

Anthony Meadows took first place with five fish followed by Colin Fitzjohn with three fish with Iain Scott third with three fish.
White lures fished slowly on Di3 lines at distance accounted for the winning bag.

1st Anthony Meadows 5 fish 8 points
2nd Colin Fitzjohn 3 fish 6 points
3rd Iain Scott 3 fish 4 points
4th Neil Thomas 2 fish 4 points
5th Muhammad Wassem 1 fish 2 points
6th Yousef Dar 1 fish 2 points

By teffpressofficer

10lb 4oz rainbow from Westlow.


Large Rainbow 11lb 4oz from Westlow 20/02.2018

Great fish one of 22 fish for Eddie today at Westlow. But paddy caught 34 top angling lads

Eddie Guest

Great fish ed first wild brown this year


Another big fish for Chris Ector. 11/2/2018

Fly used Green Snake 8lb 10oz, not the snake the fish.

Chris Ector




Unbelievable day fishing at west low mere today 34 fish lost 12 at the net stunning fisherie gin clear water sight fishing with dry fly took six the rest came to buzzers and my take on the apache thanks to all the staff

fishing 20/1/2018 at Westlow Mere 32 fish to the boat lost loads at the net well done David Tompkins 22 off the bank top man. Eddie Guest.


Click image bellow for Video

Eddie Westlow4 Stocking 3


Westlow Mere is a water run for Fly Fishing by Fly Fishing enthusiasts with friendly service and good advice, the best areas to fish, flies to use and the best method to employ.


Weather Here.

Catch Returns Miscellaneous.



Rod average 3.23.  

Angling report w/e 15/11/2019

Summary Report
Deluge raises water levels but clarity remains good …
During the weekend, as a result of continuous heavy rain, a considerable influx of water raised the level of the reservoir. At the time of writing (28th October) the water clarity of the South Lake is good but before planning your visit please ring the Duty Bailiffs on 07974 263338 for an update on water conditions.
The week started with cold Northerly winds which had a detrimental effect on sport but from Tuesday onwards a predominantly Southerly light breeze heralded a return to the excellent sport enjoyed to date.
The banks continue to gradually improve whilst creditable returns were recorded to the boats employing dry flies or lures/nymphs fished high in the water.
A most pleasing element of the recent returns has been the number of specimen brown trout caught and returned. Once again it is emphasised to all anglers that the utmost care should be taken with this valuable asset and as much as we appreciate your photographs please do not handle the fish or hold them up but take pictures of your capture whilst still in the landing net in the water.
Also this week we would like to remind ALL anglers to complete angling returns correctly at the end of their session and submit them in one of the many returns boxes. This year we have seen an increase in the number of ‘incomplete returns’ which are either not completed or completed incorrectly. Please record ALL fish caught, whether killed or released and remember to sign the return. If a nil return is submitted then a ‘0’ or NIL can be written on the return and still submitted. Returns that are incomplete are unhelpful to rod averages, to stocking policies and ultimately may end up resulting in increasing prices which we would like to avoid.
Noteworthy returns this week include on the 22nd for Season Permit holder Mr. Geoff Allsop with a total of 12 fish to his boat, including 1 brown trout safely released and for visiting rods Mr. David Morris and Mr. Jim Kenny who recorded a combined total of 13 fish to their boat, with a 2lb 8ozs brown trout amongst them. On the 23rd Permit holder Mr. Norman Swinson enjoyed some excellent sport with 14 fish to his boat ; visiting rods Mr. Mike Smith and Mr. Steve Trigg caught and released a total of 16 fish to their boat on the South Lake whilst visiting rod Mr. Pete Eville recorded a total of 14 fish to his boat on attractor patterns. A boost for bank anglers this week as Season Permit holder Mr. Bill Scarlett returned 6 fish in just 2 hours’ sport on the 25th – a black cormorant pattern proving to be incredibly useful in the pouring rain – thus proving that banks are starting to fish well again albeit a little later than usual.
This year the reservoir closes to non-permit holders on 15th November and to permit holders on 22nd November.

Blithfield is once again a Troutmasters water in 2019– entry forms are available from the Angling Office and from the Boathouse.
A quick reminder that the Angling Office closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (as it did last year). Visiting anglers will need to see the Duty Bailiff across the Dam at the Boat House after this time.
The rod average is  3.23

Stocks Reservoir.

Rod Average: fish per angler.

Our opening weekend for the 2020 season will be on Saturday February 22nd and Sunday 23rd. It’s our 25th season of running Stocks and we will be celebrating this with a variety of events and promotions throughout the year. Starting with our opening weekend, which will include special celebratory tagged fish and a selection of prizes for angers over both the weekend days.

Our trout are in awesome condition, helped by the mild winter. We will be stocking the reservoir in full, ready for the opening day on February 22nd. This year we have loads of 3-4lbs fish and some big double figure specimens so be prepared!

We are open for both boat and accommodation bookings now, not just for the opening weekend but for the whole of the 2020 season. Our contact details are as follows: Email: stocksfishery@gmail.com Landline: 01200446602 Mobile: 07896000939 or you can contact us by Facebook Messenger.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at the fishery ‘rods a bending’ and we’d like to wish you all the very best for the 2020 season. Tight Lines Ben.

This week on Clywedog

Report to.

2019 Opening day 7th March bookings from the new year


 Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly Rod Average;

Eyebrook Reservoir Fishery News 7th January 2020

Telephone Number: 01536 770264  or email lodge@flyfisheyebrook.co.uk

Eyebrook opens on 6th March 2020

We are accepting bookings if you can’t get us on the phone drop us an email.

22,000 trout are on order with 4000+ booked for our preseason stocking. Eyebrook has heats of the Scierra Pairs, Anglers World, TEFF booked with a number of club & association groups booked

We continue to offer the visiting angler 2, 3 & 4 Day breaks, you can split your break between Eyebrook & Draycote, check out our small break packages http://www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk/prices/short-break-packages/


Eyebrook 2020 membership cards have been posted you should receive then in the next few days.

All Water membership & Beginner membership cards will be posted next week

SALES Page https://www.flyfishstore.co.uk/shop/category/sale-items/ we have clearance & discontinued items on our sales page, most items 25% off



Draycote Water

weekly report week ending

Weekly Rod Average:

Draycote Opens 1st March
01788 812018
1st March Boats & bank car passes are fully booked
2nd March Boats Fully booked.  Bank car passes still available call the lodge  

Preseason stocking of 5400 trout commences late February

March 29th at Draycote we are holding our RIO & SAGE day with Simon Gawesworth RIO, Chris Anderson SAGE & Jim Fearn Guide / SAGE on hand to offer advice on all aspects of fly fishing, Reservoir, River, Saltwater, Pike & Salmon
 Book a FREE guided fishing session from a boat using any SAGE rod & RIO fly line of your choice, contact Tom Bird at the Draycote lodge 01788 812018 to book your FREE guided session

British Fly Fair Show.
We have a stand at the British Fly Fair www.bffi.co.uk/ on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th February. Tom Bird & Ifor will be on hand to discuss our 2020 fishing season at Thornton, Draycote & Eyebrook. We will have special show offers over the weekend including a show only special promotion on the RIO Fathom range of sinking lines rrp£74.99 show promotion £49.99

Tuition & Guiding contact Tom Bird 01788 812018 or visit our website www.flyfishtuition.co.uk 

Sale & discounted items on our online shop www.flyfishstore.co.uk 



Rod Average

Fishery Report: Week Ending: 2nd February 2020
Windy conditions greeted the opening day anglers, with bank and boat anglers fishing the shelter they could find within the Thornton arm opposite the lodge. The second day of the season provided better conditions allowing anglers to fish the popular areas.
After 18 month of low water levels anglers were greeted with a full Thornton reservoir with the surface & it’s a sign of a mild winter with our water temperature at 7+degrees which is 2degrees higher than we would expect for the time of year. Water clarity is good
6.9 rod average for the opening two days with the Thornton arm down to the willows producing best from the boats although All Water member Neil Shilton caught 13 from his float tube (see photo on Facebook www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore ) With the mild conditions anglers caught fish throughout the day.
Sinking lines, in particular the DI3 type of sinking lines produced best with an array of lures working, from orange fritz gold heads, cats whisker, black and green tadpole, blob.
Boat bookings for Wednesday, Friday & Saturday have limited availability, to avoid disappointment we recommend you call the lodge and pre book your boats. If you’re coming to fish from the bank we recommend you bring waders
Over the weekend notable catches were recorded by Keith Cowen, Jan Webber, Chris Sayer, Tom Morris, L Serrano, Mark Hunt, Simon Zabrzenski, J Batts, Steve Lewandowski, M Draper & Rodger Kerrison.
Our Online Shop www.flyfishstore.co.uk
Visit our online shop we currently have sale & discontinued items with discounts up to 50% on selected items. https://www.flyfishstore.co.uk/shop/category/sale-items/
March 29th at Draycote we are holding our RIO & SAGE day with Simon Gawesworth RIO, Chris Anderson SAGE & Jim Fearn Guide / SAGE on hand to offer advice on all aspects of fly fishing, Reservoir, River, Saltwater, Pike & Salmon
Book a FREE guided fishing session from a boat using any SAGE rod & RIO fly

Pick up a Loyalty Card at the Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote lodges.
Once you have purchased 10 of the same day permit you receive your 11th visit FREE.
Loyalty card can be used at any of our three reservoirs.

1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release         £18.50
4 Fish Kill + Catch & Release         £24.50
6 Fish Kill + Catch & Release         £28.50

Last 4 hour 1 Fish + Catch & Release        £10.00

All our boats are rowing boats. You may bring your own electric motors.
Lifejackets to be worn at all times, you may wear your own or FM(UK)Ltd will provide lifejackets
No Boats Out If forecasted Wind Speed of 25mph plus is expected.
Call the lodge to book your boat: 01530 230807
Full Day Rowing Boat
Available from 8.30am – ½ after sunset £10.50
Part Day Rowing Boat Morning / Afternoon
Times displayed in the lodge.     £  5.50
Last 4 Hour Boat               £  4.00


Day Permit Loyalty Card.

At Draycote, Thornton, and Eyebrook