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Congleton & District Fly Fishers Ltd

Westlow Mere

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Weekly Rod Average. 3

Nice Trout

Whatever your appetite in trout fishing there is something for you at Westlow, from specimen hunting to purist fly fishing.





18 acres of high quality gin clear water giving a stable environment with plentiful fly life producing hard fighting fish.



Chris Whittle



The Uttoxeter Game Fishing and Fly Tying Festival at

Uttoxeter Race Course
Wood Lane

Staffs ST 14 8 BD
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Wendy Gibson + Team



For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.
Reverend Charles F. Aked


Tel: (01260) 270012
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“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, you’re too busy.”
Buddy Ebsen

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STOCKS RESERVOIR. Open next Saturday 8am. Tight Lines
Just one week to go until Stocks Reservoir re-opens for fishing on Saturday February 25th. 4000 trout will be Stocked throughout next week in various spots around the reservoir. Amongst the stocked fish will be 20 fugitive trout, each carrying a bounty for the angler that successfully captures them. Just make sure you enter when you get your ticket. There are also plenty of beautiful fish over 3lbs and some stunning big specimens that are in superb fighting fit condition. These fish are definitely going to put up a serious battle when hooked!.


BFFI (got to be the best fly tying fair in the UK) click Here.

Unfortunately due to an unexpected heart attack I was unable to attend the excellent BFFI show and give my usual display of money saving ideas and skills, some old and new to help the competent & not so competent fly tier.
First: Make your own dubbing, using a Coffee Grinder. Many people show this on YouTube, this is how I do it.
Get Electric Coffee Grinder & Nut Spice grinder BOSCO, this is the one I use about £10 from Ebay, don’t use the one you use for Coffee else you will be spitting fibres out for ever.
This is the address of a very good video off  YouTube.
This Video will take you through the steps involved in making your own dubbing and tying a fly with a dubbing loop. The process is simple and very effective for tying realistic fly bodies here.

I find wallmart to be a little too far to go, so I use:
Twisted Cord Line Tie String Thread Yarn Fibre Poly Rope Polypropylene PP 2 mm, make sure you get twisted cord not Braided Cord Rope, braided cord is to tuff for the blender. Using polypropylene is water proof so floats really well and makes great dubbing.
Like in the video make sure you only cut small amounts no more that ¾ of an inch or the strands get caught round the spindle of the Coffee Grinder.
You can also use,
100% Pure Silk, 30 Embriodery Floss/Threads 30 Colours (this makes a very smooth dubbing.)
Cross Stitch Stranded Cotton Embroidery Thread Floss (also makes good dubbing but is not water proof)
Try other material.
Make your very own detached bodies; you need an variable speed electric drill, darning needle of different sizes depending on the body size you want and some Silicone Sealent transparent is best, plus the dubbing you have just made is excellent for the body.
Innovative way to quickly and easily fashion extended body flies that mimic mayflies, caddis flies, and stoneflies Here.

Easy tying hopper legs using pheasant tail feathers, this idea was given to me by a friend Brian Poole Here.

Get the needles from Ebay Knitting Machines: Brother: 10 Main Bed Needles
If you want the info for any of the Ebay items or a sample of the dubbing just fill in the contact form on the contact page. (there is a few more than I expected for the information and samples so will take a few days to get to all of you, be Patient)


Thornton weekly report week ending 12th February 2017
 Tel: 01530 230807
70 acre
A good weeks fishing, if a little cold at times, with bank & boat anglers catching with the shelter from the cold easterlies given by the bank opposite the lodge fishing best.
Overall average for the week was 5.7

Foremark opens 1st March
Tel 01283 703202

Pre-season stocking this week of 4500 rainbows, sure to give our anglers a great opening.

DRAYCOTE Opens 2nd March
Contact the lodge 01788 812018
Pre-season stocking of 6500 trout this week


Westlow Mere

Westlow Mere is a water run for Fly Fishing by Fly Fishing enthusiasts with friendly service and good advice, the best areas to fish, flies to use and the best method to employ.

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Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.

Congleton & District Fly-Fishers was founded in the early eighties and
from the outset, the core  purposes of the club in addition to fly-fishing for trout as described above, included the involvement of the local community through  open days, free tuition, free loan of equipment, open competitions, special events for children.
Of equal importance in our priorities has been the maintenance of the natural habitat
including the surrounding fields and woods as well as the water and our success in this has been recognised in the site being declared a site of special  significance because of the wildlife it harbours and the flora it sustains.

Centrally heated lodge with free tea and coffee making area (tea, coffee milk and sugar supplied free) and microwave use.

A  beautiful and serene environment for the angler who wants peaceful quiet and productive fishing.
The day ticket offers great value for money, the locals are very friendly and its surrounded by wooded banks, you would think you were in a small Scottish loch not a half mile from the busy market town of Congleton.

Total Flyfisher.

Fishing Report Here.

Weather Here.

New to Fly Fishing

Free Tuition & Loan of Equipment

Free casting lessons from our knowladgeable fly fishermen to get you started.

Free fishing untill you catch your first fish.

We even provide free fly tying lessons and loan of equipment.

Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.