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"My biggest worry is that when I am dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it!"

Koos Brandt

“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, you’re too busy.”
Buddy Ebsen

Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer Tying a Pheasant Tail Nymph 


MayflySatisfaction of catching a fish on your own fly.

There is something very satisfying about catching a fish on something that you made with your Imitationown two hands.

Click for youtube videos of flytying


The common mistake that bullies make is assuming that because someone is nice that he or she is weak. Those traits have nothing to do with each other. In fact, it takes considerable strength and character to be a good person.” – Mary Elizabeth Williams

Fly tyer of the Month.

Son Tao

Son Tao

Son Tao ties some fantastic flies Here.


Click images for larger view of flies.


Royal Wulf

Just had to add this from Son

Fan Wing Abbey

This man has been tying for 1 year!

Quill Deer Hair Caddis.

Nice Trout

Whatever your appetite in trout fishing there is something for you at Westlow, from specimen hunting to purist fly fishing.





18 acres of high quality gin clear water giving a stable environment with plentiful fly life producing hard fighting fish.



Chris Whittle not the fish the fisherman.

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

Isaac Asimov


The Uttoxeter Game Fishing and Fly Tying Festival at

Uttoxeter Race Course
Wood Lane

Staffs ST 14 8 BD
We hope you can support us again in 2017 click Here.
Wendy Gibson + Team

British Fly Fair International 2017

Buy your tickets online, save money and beat the queues! Buying online save £1 per ticket (one day) and £2 per ticket (two day) and lets you straight in.

Tickets can also be purchased by phoning 01782 388 382

Held in association with Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, Review click Here.

Staffordshire County Showground

ST18 0BD
11th and 12th February
9.30am – 4.30pm

The dates for next years BFFI
are February 10th and 11th 2018

The UK’s Premier Fly Fishing Show



For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.
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From Facebook so true.



Tel: (01260) 270012
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CW12 2JJ

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"The solution to any problem -- work, love, money, whatever -- is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."
~John Gierach


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Gun Trolley

Seen this morning at Doveridge Clays Sports Club.

Just the Job for more mature person, will allow you to go were no old one has gone before!
Great piece of kit easy to use and folds down so it’s easily fitted into a car boot, it holds Gun, cartridge bag/box and even has a drinks holder. It’s also a stable gun stand for when you are waiting to shoot, I have the Hamilton Shooting Shotgun Slip Stand, which is great but you still have to carry the gun and when the gun is removed on a windy day the Hamilton just gets blown away,   I want one.

This is a prototype made by one of the guys shooting there, more pics Here


The rod average is  4.09

Here's the full report in summary :

Full Report Here

2017 Loch-style National Qualifiers – Results
by teffpressofficer

April 2017
Sunday 23rd April - Northern Federation - Stocks - Organiser: Paul Page - Results: 1st Craig Barr 2nd Michael Laycock 3rd Steve Smalley 4th Dermot Speight 5th Mark Tyndall 6th Samuel Bailey 7th Peter Scholes 8th Neil Hodgson 9th Paul Runec 10th Ben Dobson - Full Results: 2017 Stocks 1 Qualifier Results 230417 2017 Stocks 1 Qualifier Results 230417

Sunday 23rd April - South East FF Federation - Bewl - Organiser: John Pearn - Results: 1st Harry Fox 2nd Andrew Green 3rd Ian Watts 4th Tony Fox 5th Joel Beeney 6th Robert Toptalo 7th Paul Canning 8th Sean Brooks 9th John Pearn 10th Gilliaum Vermeulen - Full Results: 170423 ATTEFF Results (2)

Sunday 23rd April - Peninsula Federation - Blagdon - Organiser: Denis Symonds - Results: 1st Dave Johns 2nd Tony Baldwin 3rd Paul Golding 4th Gary Morris 5th Mark Rooney 6th Martin Burgess 7th Matt Kingdon 8th David Bromley 9th Ben Bangham 10th Lee Ratcliffe 11th Paddy Mounter 12th Mark Thomas 13th Nick Hart 14th Tony George 15th Roger Truscott 16th John Horsey 17th Vince Howley - Full Results: Blagdon 2017 - TEFF Results Blagdon 2017 - TEFF Results


Latest Fishing News

DATE:                          Friday 21st April
NOTABLE CATCHES: Phil Coulthard 17 fish, George Ashton 14 fish, Richie Kelly 13 fish
NOTABLE BAG:          5 fish for 10lb 9oz Richie Kelly
BEST FISH:                 11lb 6oz Andrew Bentley, 11lb Colin Fitzjon, 10lb Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV:         4.40 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:         5.97 fish per angler
Sport: A really busy day here at stocks with almost all the boats on the water quite a few out practicing for this Sundays England qualifier most of which were very tight lipped about tactics and areas but the Civil Service were also on the water for a competition of their own, Phil Coulthard come out on top with 17 fish on various lure, Phil caught the majority of his fish from Currys cast and the willows. In second place George Ashton put an orange Nomad and orange blob to good use catching 14 fish with boat partner Ritchie Kelly catching 13 to take third place they found their fish on the front of Gull Island. Also on the boats Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had 9 fish a piece from Willow Island and the Northern Shallows this included a real leviathan of a fish tipping the scales at 11lb 7oz. Lone angler Colin Fitzjon also had a red letter day catching a beautiful 11lb rainbow from Newclose Bay. Weve had another tagged fish come out today Dan Metrcalf caught himself a £50 tackle voucher for his efforts. On the bank David Coupe found an intermediate line with nymphs the way forward and landed 4 fish. Some else with four fish was Don Blades both anglers found Bell Point and Bens Beach to be their best areas. Once again Stocks regular Tony Taylor was in amongst the fish on Bens Beach and finished the day with a hard fighting 10lb Rainbow taken on his TT Cornorant.
See you out there Pete.

Over 25 fish over 6lb caught so far this season its only April!
This week on Clywedog 
Weekly Stock: 1000 
Total Seasons Stock: 8000
Llyn Clywedog report 13th April Weekly stock 1000 Season to date 8000 Clywedog has continued to fish very consistent over the past week with good bags of fish being taken off the bank as well as the boat. Braich y ffedw fished well at the start of the week after a stocking with fish feeding on the surface to small beetles and buzzers, Continue Reading.


EyebrookEyebrook Reservoir
Weekly report ending 23/04/2017
Tel: 01536 772930 Fishery Mobile: 07738 490667

The Eyebrook continues to produce great sport with this week’s rod average a healthy 6.7 fish per rod, evenly split between boat and bank anglers. The shallows are certainly holding a lot of the fish at the moment. Cow shed, Norris Dyke and Chestnut tree being the hot spots. Drifts from the cow shed to the willows in a westerly is proving very productive. Bank anglers are still having their share of the sport, The Hawthorn Hedge, Sam’s Dyke and Cowshed all producing good fishing. The lodge corner is holding a good number of overwintered fish feeding on the fry, so the corner of the dam is certainly worth a try.
Bank holiday Monday was a quiet day with many anglers away with their families, however 19 anglers spent the day at Eyebrook and had a great day’s sport. Full Report Here

Draycote Water weekly report week ending 23rd April2017
Telephone Number 01788 812018

Another good spring week at Draycote but we would welcome a period of sustained settled weather. This week anglers experienced some extremes, varying from cold blustery conditions, to bright sun & flat calms. Nevertheless, the black buzzer hatch continues with midge pupae remaining high on the trout’s menu. Action on dries has also been a significant factor this week, spearheaded by our own Tom Bird, who has been targeting large wintered fish, mostly over open water in calm conditions. Full Report Here

Foremark weekly report week ending 23/04/2017
Telephone Number: 01283 703202

Foremark’s excellent start to the season continues with the fish turning onto the buzzers over the last couple of weeks. The blue trout have shown up well and are now showing down most of carver’s arm. The biggest blue so far was caught by Mr Jim Retalic of Kirby Fly Fishers during a match on Sunday a 5lbs 5oz beauty. Bramble and sun Blessed bay have fished very well for bank anglers this week with fish still showing in flamingo bay and Verdon,s point. Boat anglers have had some frantic sport along the Ticknall bank from just below the cascade down to the wires. Buzzers fished either straight line or on the washing line has been the favoured method. Full Report Here

Thornton weekly report week ending 23rd April 2017
Tel: 01530 230807
70 acre
Cold wind at times resulted in not as many fish to be seen moving as you may have expected for late April but the fish were still hard on the buzzer but feeding on them 6ft down with anglers using mid range sinking lines, lines that sink between 3 – 4 inch per second producing some of the better catches of the week.
On the milder evenings we saw plenty of fish on the surface during the last hour, although at times they proved a bit tricky to tempt the boats on the drift using cdc patterns or traditional wet fly patterns managed to catch a reasonable amount. Full Report Here

SAGE day at Draycote on 13 May visit the website for details http://www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk opportunity to cast a range of SAGE rods & try the rods during a free guided session, call the lodge 01788 812018

RIO day at Draycote 13th May, Mr RIO himself Simon Gawesworth will be at the lodge to answer your questions, visit the website http://www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk for details.

I think the Frank Sawyer Pheasant Tail video created quite a stir, the other great fly of Sawyers the Killer Big! I have found a perfect substitute for Chadwicks 477 used in this fly, details below of the person who found it and the testing he did. If interested use the contact form I have ordered some.

Sorry there will be a wait for 477 substitute while I order some more!

An article I found interesting by  Phil Anderson

I have little of the original Chadwick’s 477 it must be 25 years old and have tried over many years to find some more to no avail. I have sample after sample of yarn that is sold has Chadwick 477 Substitute, but all are too thick and a darker shade. So this article intrigued me have a read. 

I have long been intrigued by Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug and the mystique of Chadwick's 477 yarn. I've gone through phases in recent years of buying various

Tie the Sawyer's Killer Bug Tie the Sawyer's Killer Bug with Steve Cullen, a great example of the fly. Click picture for Video

yarns in an attempt to find a good substitute, but then giving up after not succeeding. I bought or was given (thanks Tom!) many different yarns, including most of those discussed on the Internet as being Chadwick's substitutes. The colors, though, were always disappointing when compared to online photos of authentic Chadwick's. But online photos of 477 vary quite a lot in color, and I was never sure exactly what the correct color was.

Then, about a year ago, I stumbled across a card of original Chadwick's 477 and bought it for the princely sum of $5. Sometimes an angler just gets lucky! A lengthier account of this windfall is described here.

Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug In photo, I've worked hard to make the color balance in my photography and on my computer monitor as close as possible to the real item. Your monitor may vary. The most useful photos are those in which both the Chadwick's and substitute yarns are in the same photo. That eliminates potential differences of camera settings, lighting, exposure, etc.

Perhaps the most convincing demonstration of the substitute yarn's color match to Chadwick's 477 is this photo:

Article by Phil Anderson: Full Information here.


Day Permit Loyalty Card.

Pick up a Loyalty Card at Thornton, Draycote or Foremark and now Eyebrook lodges, once you have purchased 10 of the same day permit you receive your 11th visit free, our loyalty card can be used at any of our three reservoirs.

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DRAYCOTE Opens 2nd March
Contact the lodge 01788 812018

Pre-season stocking of 6500 trout.

Thornton weekly report week ending 12th February 2017
 Tel: 01530 230807
70 acre
A good weeks fishing, if a little cold at times, with bank & boat anglers catching with the shelter from the cold easterlies given by the bank opposite the lodge fishing best.


Westlow Mere

Westlow Mere is a water run for Fly Fishing by Fly Fishing enthusiasts with friendly service and good advice, the best areas to fish, flies to use and the best method to employ.

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Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.

Congleton & District Fly-Fishers was founded in the early eighties and
from the outset, the core  purposes of the club in addition to fly-fishing for trout as described above, included the involvement of the local community through  open days, free tuition, free loan of equipment, open competitions, special events for children.
Of equal importance in our priorities has been the maintenance of the natural habitat
including the surrounding fields and woods as well as the water and our success in this has been recognised in the site being declared a site of special  significance because of the wildlife it harbours and the flora it sustains.

Centrally heated lodge with free tea and coffee making area (tea, coffee milk and sugar supplied free) and microwave use.

A  beautiful and serene environment for the angler who wants peaceful quiet and productive fishing.
The day ticket offers great value for money, the locals are very friendly and its surrounded by wooded banks, you would think you were in a small Scottish loch not a half mile from the busy market town of Congleton.

Total Flyfisher.

Fishing Report Here.

Weather Here.

New to Fly Fishing

Free Tuition & Loan of Equipment

Free casting lessons from our knowladgeable fly fishermen to get you started.

Free fishing untill you catch your first fish.

Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.




PlatoFisherman's Prayer
I pray that I may live to fish
Until my dying day.
And when it comes to my last cast,
I then most humbly pray:
When in the Lord's great landing net
And peacefully asleep
That in His mercy I be judged
Big enough to keep.

- Unknown?