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"My biggest worry is that when I am dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it!"

Koos Brandt

I realized that bullying never
has to do with you. It's the
bully who's insecure.
Shay Mitchell


Fly of the Month:

Essential Fly; excellent for the Fly Tier or Buyer.


Shipmans Buzzer Black

Bristol Hopper Claret/Pearl

Bristol Hopper Claret/Pearl



Best fished: With this fly I like to build as much variation into my retrieve as I possibly can to bring the marabou tail of the fly to life. The hot blue head on this fly works in tandem with the tail as an irresistible mouthful for the resident Trout. So work that fly with jerky pulls mixed with speeded up figure of eight retrieve for savage takes.

Paul Richardson

“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, you’re too busy.”
Buddy Ebsen

Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer Tying a Pheasant Tail Nymph 

Frank Sawyer catching Trout

Frank Sawyer catches Trout 

Tying Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug with Davie McPhail

Trout Taking a Mayfly Sawyer Nymphs.

MayflySatisfaction of catching a fish on your own fly.

There is something very satisfying about catching a fish on something that you made with your Imitationown two hands.

Click for youtube videos of flytying.


The common mistake that bullies make is assuming that because someone is nice that he or she is weak. Those traits have nothing to do with each other. In fact, it takes considerable strength and character to be a good person.

Mary Elizabeth Williams

Fly Tier of the Month:

Sasa Bencun Roko



His place looks Idyllic.

More Information Here


Pecinara Nimph : size 16

Pecinara Nimph

Roka fly sedge : size 14

Roka fly sedge

Baetis olive : size 16

Baetis olive


Nice Trout

Whatever your appetite in trout fishing there is something for you at Westlow, from specimen hunting to purist fly fishing.





18 acres of high quality gin clear water giving a stable environment with plentiful fly life producing hard fighting fish.



Chris Whittle not the fish the fisherman.

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

Isaac Asimov


The Uttoxeter Game Fishing and Fly Tying Festival at

Uttoxeter Race Course
Wood Lane

Staffs ST 14 8 BD
We hope you can support us again in 2017

Sunday October 15th 10am - 4.30pm

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Wendy Gibson + Team


For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.
Reverend Charles F. Aked


From Facebook so true.

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. Isaac Asimov


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"The solution to any problem -- work, love, money, whatever -- is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."
~John Gierach

Peder Wigdell

Lowrider step-by-step.

Peder Wigdell


Hi Jim It was a pleasure to spend some time with you on Sunday. I've been using your dubbing today and will be trying the flies on Thursday.

John Walker

Great to see you at the North Wales Country Show. Learned a lot and had a very pleasurable experience all the Guides were going round discussing your demonstrations, well done.

John Mercer.

What a great web site loads of information I like the idea of you having a league table of Midlands fly fisheries. Keep up the good work not many fly fishing sites about that don't want to sell you something!

Jack Right.


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"One thing becomes clearer as one gets older and one's fishing experience increases, and that is the paramount importance of one's fishing companions" 
-John Ashley-Cooper



On business what great people very very helpful with a vast amount of knowledge. Thanks for the free gift will not forget my visit.



spike milligan

"All men are cremated equal"

Latest Fishing News

It's good to see even in the challenging weather that Trout Fishing venues are giving catch returns so the angler has a good understanding of prevailing

conditions on the waters before

venturing out.



Pennine trout fishery


Another personal best set from Pennine Trout...Mr Pete Fletcher from Whitefield with a monster of a rainbow trout weighing in at 20lb 7oz caught on a egg fly fished from a floating line.


Rod average 3.6

Despite difficult strong winds at times and high water temperatures (now slowly decreasing) the rod average is still a creditable 3.6.

A random observation one afternoon this week revealed that the attending anglers ranged in age from 93 to 68 years young. As is well recognised, our sport needs to attract more young people and to this end Blithfield Anglers continues to offer free tackle hire, free tuition and free fishing to novice under-16’s who are accompanied by an adult. Please contact the office on 01283 840284 to arrange your visit.

Noteable returns this week include on the 17th for Season Permit holder Dr. Ian Greaves with 8 fish to his boat on the South Lake, all caught on size 14 Daddy Long Legs imitations. A change in air pressure and conditions on the 18th saw a sharp increase in the number of fish caught on the top of the water – great returns were submitted by Permit holder Mr. Norman Swinson with a total of 14 fish to his boat, all on dry flies ; for Season Permit holder Mr. Geoff Allsop with 12 fish to his drifting boat on the South Lake caught on nymph patterns and dry flies ; Season Permit holders Mr. Roger Goring and Mr. Edwin Biddle paired up in a boat and, using dry flies to great effect, returned a total of 41 fish between them ;

Clair Pullinger. More Here.

New post on Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing

Elite Performance Programme
by teffpressofficer 

For the last 12 months AT TEFF have been considering a new approach  to help Team England achieve its goal of becoming the number one fly fishing nation in the world. We have developed the following proposal that would see significant changes to the current competition structure.

The Elite Performance Programme would cover the three principle disciplines of Fips-Mouche Championships; River, Boat and Bank. Fips-Mouche rules and scoring system will be adopted and placing points will be aggregated to build a league table. Our intention is to hold heats at suitable venues throughout England between November and July each year for selection into the following year’s teams.

The conclusion of the 2017/18 programme will provide AT TEFF with teams for the 2019 World Championship in Tasmania and the European Championship in Montenegro.

The proposal has been published on the website to provide anglers with an insight to the current thinking, it is for information purposes only, at this stage it is only a proposal and AT TEFF will make a final decision in due course



Ben Thompson, Senior Competitions & Performance Manager, Angling Trust

AT TEFF Elite Performance Programme explained: Elite Perforemance Programme explained FINAL

AT TEFF Elite Performance Programme fact sheet: AT TEFF Elite Performance Programme Fact Sheet FINAL

AT TEFF International Committee (AT TEFFIC) Selection Policy: AT TEFFIC Selection Policy FINAL

Stocks Reservoir.

Sunday 6th August

DATE: Sunday 6th August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 trout for Alistair Beaumont and Dave Morris
NOTABLE BAG: 10 fish for 21lb
BEST RNB: 3lb 4oz John Brown
BEST BROWN: 2lb 12oz Mark Thomas
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: fish per angler
Sport: Today we hosted this years heat of the Scierra Pairs where 9 pairs of anglers took to the water to catch 10 fish as fast as possible the weigh in for a time bonus. The first and only pair to catch their ten fish limit were Alistair Beaumont and Dave Morris who finished at 15:40 their ten fish weighed in at 21lb in second place with 5 fish were John Brown and Andy Campbell both pairs progress to the grand final at LLyn Brenig. John Brown also landed the biggest fish a lovely rainbow of 3lb 4oz.
The best tactics for today were a 40+ di3 with a short leader and a white snake. Dabblers and cormorants also fished well. A lot anglers commented on the amount of dropped fish with most of the pairs saying they could have easily bagged if they hadn’t dropped so many fish.

Full ReportHere Also see Fishing Matches Here.

Scierra Pairs

The Scierra Pairs carries the highest prize fund in British competition fly-fishing.
It is the competition giving value to everyone, with prizes at every heat in addition to the final.

The format allows a pair of anglers entering to fish in the same boat.  Restrictive rules are kept to a minimum and the competition allows all flies permitted by the fishery.

Heat dates for Scierra Pairs.


 More info Here.

This week on Clywedog

 Weekly Stock: 500 
Total Seasons Stock: 23500
Llyn Clywedog report 3rd August Weekly stock 500 Season to date 23500 Here we are the start of August already. July was our busiest month on record so many thanks to all the anglers that visited us and enjoyed some truly great fishing. Trout Fisherman magazine voted us the number one fishery in Wales and 8th in the Uk we hope to improve upon this next year. Although water levels have fallen in recent weeks ( thankfully rising again now) bank sport has remained very good with some good returns top spots have been Bigga arm Gronwen area Christmas trees and Eblid as always remaining consitant caught a couple in there today. Last weekend we hosted the 4th round of our Clywedog boat league 50 anglers caught 492 fish for a rod average of 9.84 top bag was Ken Llewellyn with 36 fish ken fished the Llwyd area

Full ReportHere.

Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly Rod Average: 1.69

Eyebrook Reservoir Weekly report ending week ending 30[sup]th[/sup] July 2017
Tel: 01536 772930        Fishery Mobile: 07738 490667                         
Weekly Stats:
Number Rods: 114       Number Trout Taken: 75     Number Trout Released: 118 Total Catch: 193   Weekly Rod Average; 1.69
Eyebrook continues to fish well for the time of year. Lots of fish showing in the surface and in to the margins. Bank anglers have enjoyed good sport into the evenings, with lots of fish feeding on corixa and fry close into the margins a hairs ear CDC or nymphs fished on a washing line have worked well. Boats have been spread out for most of the week with catches being reported from all around the reservoir. Long drifts across the basin accounting for most fish on small dries.

Full ReportHere

Draycote Water

Weekly Rod Average: 3.54

Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 30th July 2017

Brown Trout

Melvin Severn with a fantastic 8lb Draycote brown caught on a pink snakes on the rudder.

Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 30th July 2017
Telephone 01788 812018
A mixed week with regards to weather, with days of heavy rain and blustery conditions followed by near flat calms and bright sun. These changeable weather conditions did mean that the methods kept altering. Overall it has been a good fishing week, with creditable catches being reported every day. The rod average for the week worked out at 3·54 with 263 anglers catching a total of 933 trout.
Overcast conditions with a north westerly wind kicked off the week on Monday. Season ticket holder Kevin Rees drifted around the Tower using dries to catch 19 fish. Crippled midge and Bob’s Bits being his best patterns, even having to go down as small at size 16 on the crippled midge when the lighter winds arrived towards the back end of the day.

Full ReportHere


Weekly rod average is 1.9

Foremark weekly report week ending 30th July 2017
Telephone Number: 01283 703202
Yet again water temperature and the weather has played a large part in last week’s results, however looking at the thermometer this morning it is showing 16c and the indications are that may improve further over the next few days. Some of the newly stocked fish have been happy to feed in the upper layers of the water or on dries off the top during the beginning of the week, and there are more fish scheduled to be stocked on Tuesday 1[sup]st[/sup].  The bank anglers have still found the fishing very challenging with very few offers, but in the evenings a few trout are moving in to the margins and feeding on the fry.

Full ReportHere


Thornton weekly report week ending 30th  July 2017

 Tel: 01530 230807
70 acre
At last our surface temperature has dropped to 19c with the odd cooler morning opening at 18.5c with a the current forecast for the coming week we should see our surface temperature remain around the 18.5c -19c
On the overcast cooler mornings we have seen fish feeding on the surface with the first of our large claret buzzers starting to show, ironically a good week earlier than expected. You can watch a claret buzzer hatch out on our facebook page

Full ReportHere

Day Permit Loyalty Card.

At Draycote, Thornton, Foremark and Eyebrook

Pick up a Loyalty Card at Thornton, Draycote or Foremark and now Eyebrook lodges, once you have purchased 10 of the same day permit you receive your 11th visit free, our loyalty card can be used at any of our three reservoirs.

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Local Weather Station 4.5 miles away Here.




PlatoFisherman's Prayer
I pray that I may live to fish
Until my dying day.
And when it comes to my last cast,
I then most humbly pray:
When in the Lord's great landing net
And peacefully asleep
That in His mercy I be judged
Big enough to keep.

- Unknown?



We need to give this guy a chance, he will be Fly Tier of the month in the future look out for him. Lee Barbee Here.

Hey Jim,
 Lee BarbeeI'm a US Army combat veteran that currently lives in Gaithersburg, MD. I will be moving to Northern California in a few months. I learned how to fly fish and fly tie from a non-profit organization called Project Healing Waters 2 years ago. I started off as a participant and now volunteer with them. They are gracious enough to still let me fish with them, too. I owe a lot to this program and many others for their support. People such as Al Warner,Flies Dick Bubeck, Carl Smolka, and Son Tao. I have to say I wouldn't be anywhere without the support of my family. A few months  ago, I started a small fly tying business called Red White And Blue Flies. I tie flies to the customer’s order, and haven't had a complaint yet. I'm proud to be part of such a great sport in different aspects. It's a truly therapeutic experience. Here are some pictures.


Barometric Pressure – A fishy myth or an untapped resource?

By Slaney Fishing | May 27, 2017 | News | 0 comments
I have heard and wondered about this subject for quite some time, some people pass it off as folly, some observe and study, and at the right times scurry to water based on their findings. Whatever your opinion, here’s an article which believes that BP has a significant impact on fishing and results. Make of it what you will, I won’t pass it off as fact, but if you find yourself taking it on board and applying the strategies below, do leave a comment and let us know what you found. Barometric Pressure
This picture is taken from

Click picture for a better view.

( and all credits to them for the article.

Very interesting More here.