Two fellows are out fishing on the lake. A hearse and funeral procession passed the boat on a nearby road. One of the fellows stands up and holds his fishing hat over his heart as the hearse passes. His buddy comments, "Gee Harry, that was really nice and respectful." Harry reply's,

"Well after all, we were married for 40 years."

“I spend most of my life fishing, the rest I just waste”.

Brown Trout to be returned

Barbless or De-Barbed hooks only,
Westlow Mere Open

Shallows Have been Restocked.

Weekly Returns

Total Anglers……………24
Total Fish Caught…….45
Rod Average……..………1.9

Forum open here

No Brown trout to be killed.







Congleton & District Fly Fishers Ltd


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Historically fly-fishing was regarded as something of an elitist sport.

Congleton & District Fly-Fishers was founded in the early eighties specifically to remove the barriers, real or imaginary and make fly-fishing for trout available to anyone who wished to participate.

A disused sand quarry off Giantswood Lane was rented and a small group of like-minded fishermen formed a fishing club. From then until today (and hopefully into the future) the basic tenets have been the same although as described below the operational framework has had to change.

From the outset, the core purposes of the club in addition to fly-fishing for trout as described above, included the involvement of the local community through open days, free tuition, free loan of equipment, open competitions, special events for children. Of equal importance in our priorities has been the maintenance of the natural habitat including the surrounding fields and woods as well as the water and our success in this has been recognised in the site being declared a site of special significance because of the wildlife it harbours and the flora it sustains.

In 1998, the owners decided to sell the Mere and the club’s contribution to and position within the local community was a prime consideration in the owners’ decision to sell to us, rather than other more generous bids. It was this purchase that necessitated changes in our operational structure.

Monies to meet the agreed purchase price were raised by a mixture of existing funds, personal loans, share holdings recordand a Royal Bank of Scotland business loan. In order to qualify for the business loan, the club had to become a limited company (hence the share holdings mentioned above) and so today we are Congleton & District Fly Fishers Ltd. As required by law we have a board of directors , secretary etc etc. However, everybody works on a volunteer basis and no salaries, ‘expenses’ or other rewards are paid.

We generate funds by selling day-tickets and selling annual memberships to meet the costs of stocking monthly and other daily running costs such as fuel, grass cutting, fence maintenance etc.

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Fly tying is the process of producing an artificial fly to be used by anglers to catch fish via means of fly fishing. Probably the most concise description of fly tying is the one by Helen Shaw, a preeminent American professional fly tyer in

"Fly-tying is a simple process of binding various materials to a hook with thread.".[1]

Man: Can I have a fly rod and reel for my Wife?

Fishing Shop Owner: Sorry sir we don't do trades.

Price List
See note top of page
Start 8am finish see board Senior
1 Fish Full Day £15
2 Fish Full Day £20
3 Fish Full day
Juniors No Charge
Learners No Charge
At the discretion of the lodge attendant

# EA License from age 12 #Juniors must be accompanied  by a fishing adult at all times, max 2 juniors per adult

Can everyone please fill in the catch returns please.

Over 65 years
1 Fish Full Day £10.00
Wint Day £
Evening 1st May- 30th Sept £10.00
All or Part Day £10
Wheely Boat £10

No Boats till further notice.

Fishing from 8:00am and
 Finish time displayed on the
 Notice board


Tel: (01260) 270012

For the Sat Nav

CW12 2JJ

Westlow Email



Westlow Mere, reclaimed by both nature and man from sand excavation in the 1970's, comprises some eighteen acres of crystal clear water, fed by natural springs.

Situated just below the town of Congleton in the middle reaches of the Dane Valley, which has for generations catered for the traditional fly-fisherman seeking the river's natural stock of trout, Westlow Mere has benefited from the local experience and expertise; indeed, it was the love of the traditional, handed down from father to son, combined with an appetite for modern fly-fishing which provided the impetus to the formation of the Congleton & District Fly Fishers Ltd., where the combination of good water, charming location, first-class management and the most congenial of atmospheres, give Westlow Mere a very special place in the hearts of all who visit the fishery

Tel: (01260) 270012

Many fly-tyers consider fly tying an art, such as E. C. Gregg in introduction to How To Tie Flies.
"The object of this book will be throughout its entirety to teach in a practical manner the Art of Fly Tying in all its branches.”[2]

What is the best way of stopping a fish from smelling?
Cut off his nose.

Free Tuition

Free Fly Tying lessons including loan of equipment and materials.

Free Casting lessons and loan of equipment.

Wheely Boat

Annual Membership £300.00
(Joining Fee) £25.00
Ticket money in by 1st March
(Waiting List)


The Hilton of Fishing Lodges


New centrally heated lodge with free tea/coffee and microwave use.

Free Tuition




Toilets(incl. disabled),limited tackle and flies
for sale, boats, limited disabled access.




Whatever your appetite in trout fishing there is something for you at Westlow, from specimen hunting to purist fishing.
Monthly stockings ensure catchable fish for the novice and good bags for the lure fisherman. With catch and release, fish mature to become natural feeders and take the dry fly, buzzer or nymph.
Spectacular evening rises are a feature from April till late autumn, with fish, including double figure fish, being taken on small nymphs, buzzers or dry flies - whilst not easy to catch, well worth the challenge and a good way to rear fine brown trout and classic rainbows for future years.


18 Acres Of High Quality Fly Fishing Water


Likes fishing because...

I think the only reason my husband likes to go fishing so much is that it's the only time he hears someone tell him, "Wow, that's a big one!"

New fly rod and reel

I got a new fly rod and reel for my wife...
...best trade I ever made.

Jim Kenny

I started with nothing,,,, and I've still got most of it left!!!

“If you’re too busy to go fishin’, you’re too busy.”
~ Buddy Ebsen

Shoot Les Shoot (Mop Man)

18 Acres Of High Quality Fly Fishing Water


The Fishery consists of two conjoined pools, a deep pool with depths to 30 feet.


Six boats are available on this pool, fishing from fixed buoys.


A shallow pool with depths to 12 feet.



Number of Anglers

Fish Caught

Two weeks of Hot weather

Largest Fish

Gatley: 4 Lb Rainbow

Most in session,

Critchlow/Martin: 20

Flies, Buzzers, Fritzs, Leeches, Bloodworm, Cats Whisker, Shipmans, assorted Lures, Blobs.









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